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I. General Diabetes Information

  1. Can a person with type 2 diabetes eventually become a type 1 diabetic?
  2. Can a person have type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
  3. Can diabetes effect short-term memory?
  4. Is diabetes a genetic disorder?
  5. Constipation due to diabetes?
  6. Diabetes Prevention Trial (DPT) type 2
  7. How much sleep do people with diabetes need?
  8. Can steroids cause diabetes?
  9. Starvation hunger in a 13 year old type 1 diabetic
  10. Why is fat tissue more resistant to insuin than muscle tissue?
  11. Islet cell transplants
  12. How does smoking affect diabetes?
  13. What do I eat on sick days?
  14. Type 1 versus Type 2 diabetes
  15. When taking insulin, can that persons breath or body odor smell like they have been drinking alcohol even if they haven't been drinking?
  16. Diabetes and mind/body medicine
  17. Are a sweet taste in the mouth and decreased vision symptoms of diabetes?
  18. Are frequent urination and extreme thirst symptoms of diabetes?
  19. Insulin Resistance Disease
  20. Could diabetes be brought on by stress?
  21. Do you know or have you heard of any relationship between long term use of topical steroids to diabetes?
  22. Hypoglycemia
  23. Does drinking lots of water and staying well hydrated help with keeping blood sugar levels at a more normal level?
  24. What are the risk factors to exercise in the diabetic patient?
  25. What is the cause of diabetes?
  26. Why can only some people smell acetone on a patient's breath when they are in DKA?
  27. Why am I always hungry?
  28. What is the best resource for me to find a doctor who specializes in diabetes?
  29. Can diabetes be transmitted through sex? And, If I'm on birth control, can the insulin and birth control be taken at once?
  30. Do you know of an intervention program to help a teenager deal with his anger over diabetes?
  31. Are you aware of new research specifically targeting strength training and diabetes?
  32. I'm 15 and I have been real dizzy,tired, thirsty,shaky...
  33. If diet alone does not lower my blood sugar to a normal state, should I find another doctor willing to prescribe medication for me?
  34. Since I never see my sugar elevated anymore, am I really considered a diabetic any longer?
  35. My husband develops an odor about him which smells like old alcohol...
  36. My 66-year old wife has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes and also has Thalassemia Minor. Will these two diagnoses hinder her
    following a diabetic regimen?
  37. What, if anything, can I do now (at 32) to help change my diet and control my lifestyle in order to stave off the possible onset of diabetes?
  38. Can hypoglycemia turn into diabetes?
  39. What is a true blood sugar reading? I have problems with it going down in to the 40's and 50's and then jumping up around 155?
  40. Is it possible over time if you are our hypoglycemic to end up being a diabetic. At this point I can't consume any sugar or I start having a lot of problems.
  41. I am a 70 year old white male in very good health except for being a "borderline diabetic"...
  42. My friend needs health insurance...
  43. How come so many people die from diabetes although there are many known prevention and treatments?
  44. Is it possible to be thin and still have type II diabetes?
  45. How can I volunteer for research experiments?
  46. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter who never seems to stop drinking...
  47. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and can't understand where it came from.
  48. What does this disease/disorder do to your body?
  49. Hi, I am starting to wonder if I have diabetes or something similar to it. I'm hungry 85% of the day...
  50. Can steroids cause diabetes?
  51. How can I help my boyfriend become educated about the irreversible prices paid when giving in to denial and not taking diabetes seriously.
  52. My husband has just been told that he has a "pre-diabetic" condition and that if he exercises and loses some weight he will likely bring the 119 count down to a lower number
  53. I was told I have hypoglycemia and technically I have Diabetes also. Is it possible to have both?
  54. Are muscle aches caused by diabetes?
  55. If a child is admitted to the hospital with high sugar levels and ketoacidosis, is it standard practice to identify the child as eithertype 1 or type 2 diabetic?
  56. My 2 year old daughter drinks tons and tons i often smell ketones on her breath and i have noticed that on these days she drinks alot more.
  57. He is very much over weight, eats candy, cookies, ice cream and drinks alcohol every night!
  58. Can insulin injections be given without the use of an alcohol wipe first?
  59. Is 120 considered high for a 6 year old?
  60. My wife and I have both noticed in the last few months that I seem to get distracted much more than I have in the past...
  61. Is it common for someone with diabetes to have severe leg pains?
  62. Recently I have had a sweet taste in my mouth and at times I feel very sleepy. I was checked for sugar in the ER one night but it came back normal.
  63. Is drinking alcohol or diabetes+ causing my dizzy spells?
  64. I asked my doctor if I am type 1 instead of type 2, he believes it is type 2, but I feel like something is very wrong.
  65. Is a yeast infection a warning sign of diabetes?
  66. Can someone be misdiagnosed with diabetes when they really have thyroid problems?
  67. We are starting to think about having children...Is it possible to do any type of pre-natal screening to determine if the child is susceptible to the disease?
  68. My concern is that my husband takes all the meds he's given, but does not exercise at all, does not eat balanced meals and drinks 12 to 18 bottles of lite beer each night...
  69. I have just gotten the results from my A1C test and it was 7.4.
  70. Are there any viruses that can cause high glucose levels?
  71. I'm very confused, whether I am diabetic or not.
  72. Why am I so tired after lunch?
  73. How rare is it to have two family members just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
  74. Was it the steroids, truama,or gestational diabetes that caused my current diabetes?
  75. Is a sweet taste in my mouth because of a low carb diet or a sign of diabetes?
  76. Are some ethnic groups more prone to diabetes than others?
  77. I am always hungry and tired...
  78. I thought that juvenile diabetes onset was not until 7 yrs or older?
  79. How do I know if my type 2 diabetes has become type 1?
  80. Do I have diabetes with an A1c of 7.9 but a glucose level of 81?
  81. Was the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes wrong or am I going through the honeymoon phase?
  82. What are the effects of diabetes on thinking?
  83. Why am I very tired one hour after meals?
  84. I wonder if medications, directly or indirectly, could be the cause of my now permanent insulin dependent diabetes.
  85. I was involved in a auto wreck. Months later I was diagnosed with
    diabetes. Could the trauma of the wreck triggered the onset of
  86. How does hyperglycemia turn into diabetes?
  87. What can cause a person to develop diabetes and pancreatitis at the same time?
  88. I had my pancreas removed and now my system does not absorb the nutrients from my food...
  89. What could be causing me to break out in a sweat and feel woozy?
  90. Why can I no longer lose weight?
  91. Can you be diabetic without any of the typical symptoms at all?
  92. Do I have signs of diabetes?
  93. Is it possible for someone to be misdiagnosed with type2 Diabetes?
  94. What is the difference between blood sugar levels and insulin levels?
  95. I would like to have a detailed diagnostic test for diabetes. Should I ask for a Glucose Tolerance Test?
  96. Can diabetes effect the male sex drive?
  97. How do you find a physician specialized in diabetes in my area?
  98. What is the difference between a C-peptide and a Pro-insulin test?
  99. If a diabetic takes their meds, and eats right, can there still be complications?
  100. Can long standing and progressively worsening traumatically induced osteoarthritis contribute to the development of Diabetes Type II?
  101. What are the main symptoms of diabetes and what are the effects
    that they have on the body?
  102. Why do some people have "brittle" diabetes?
  103. Can severe trauma with multiple surgeries trigger diabetes?
  104. With a high c-peptide test, what are my chances of becoming diabetic?
  105. How close are we to a cure for type 1 diabetes?
  106. Is it possible that I was misdiagnosed and the increased blood sugar was a temporary reaction to the liver inflammation/Lipitor issues?
  107. What special precautions should we take when traveling?
  108. Do you know how we can go about finding a good diabetes educator?
  109. Can hypoglycemia turn into diabetes?
  110. Why does it say on a heating pad or blanket that a diabetic should not use it?
  111. Is it possible my son was misdiagnosed with type 1 diabetes?
  112. Is this pre-diabetes?
  113. How do I know for sure if I have diabetes? I get real tired and am always drowsy.
  114. I have type 2 diabetes. Can this cause problems for a baby when I get pregnant?
  115. How could someone die from diabetes?
  116. Why doesn't someone actually list diabetes as a rare, but possible side effect of prednisone?
  117. Are eating disorders related to diabetes?
  118. Is hunger a sign of diabetes or is this because of my hysterectomy?
  119. I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Do I have diabetes?
  120. What issues do runners with diabetes have to be aware of?
  121. Why am I constantly hungry when my blood sugar levels are fine?
  122. Once a diabetic are you always a diabetic?
  123. What makes a person insulin resistant?
  124. Will liposuction improve my diabetes?
  125. Do I need to fast for an A1C test?
  126. How are insulin resistance and diabetes related?
  127. How long one can control diabetes by diet and exercise alone?
  128. At what point is a person considered borderline diabetic?
  129. How do I help my non-compliant 19 year old?
  130. What are some symptoms of diabetes in a child?
  131. Am I at risk of developing type 2 diabetes?
  132. Is diabetes linked to the X chromosome and passed down through the mother?
  133. If my test results are normal, am I still considered diabetcic?
  134. I was just diagnosed. Am I going to live?
  135. My husband was just diagnosed but was given no dietary guidance. Should we seek a second opinion?
  136. Why do I have to watch what I eat even though I am on insulin?

II. Blood Sugar/Testing

  1. Is it normal to get sleepy when your glucose levels rise?
  2. Glucose reading of 90 to 128 after coming off oral medication
  3. My doctor said that I am a "borderline" diabetic...
  4. Blood sugar between 30 and 700 during an illness...
  5. Still having high blood sugar after being on insulin for 5 days.
  6. Blood sugar of 140 one to two hours after a meal...
  7. Should I have used a higher than normal NPH to bring morning sugars down?
  8. Is there a wristwatch that monitors blood sugar levels?
  9. I recently had a complete blood test, fasting overnight, and my glucose reading was 122...
  10. We are wondering if there is a blood testing machine on the market that reads the results orally?
  11. Is there a blood testing machine that uses blood from the arms and legs in a person with poor circulation?
  12. What should a random blood glucose level be for a diabetic and a non-diabetic?
  13. What do I need to do if I find ketones in my urine? I'm already on insulin,and my sugar was 199 when I last checked it?
  14. I have impaired glucose tolerance. I'm finding that my blood sugar peaks about 2 hours and 10 min after the START of my meal.
  15. My brother has been type 1 and I need to know when his sugar drops below 50 how serious is that?
  16. Do most diabetics count 'carbs' or grams of carbohydrate when they are determining the amount of insulin to take?
  17. Does grapefruit or grapefruit juice affect insulin or cause blood sugar to have a higher reading?
  18. Why is urinanalysis useful and can you explain how Glucose, Protein, lactose and fructose effect the kidney and what disease they cause.
  19. Her AM fasting blood sugar was 154; is this cause for concern something that should be professionally checked or is this a normal reading for a 12 year old?
  20. Why do I hear about not using alcohol wipes before fingersticks?
  21. Does stress elevate your blood sugar?
  22. My husband was newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he went into diabetic coma with a blood glucose level of 925...
  23. Does grapefruit or grapefruit juice affect insulin?
  24. Is there any advice that you could give my son that would keep his blood sugar in control while switching back and forth in sleeping and eating schedule while working a night shift?
  25. Would having eye surgery make my blood sugars stay high?
  26. Under what circumstances would it be preferable or necessary to test blood sugar after meals?
  27. Is it possible that I have developed Insulin Resistance?
  28. Can marijuana increase high levels of blood sugar?
  29. Is there a test to see what percent of my son's insulin production is left?
  30. While visiting my mother she tested my blood and it gave a reading of 170. I really don't have any of the symptoms except for sleepiness and frequent urination at night. Should I get tested?
  31. Why do I get a good reading a few hours after supper and yet in the morning it's high?
  32. Isn't 140 and higher a greater risk for complications?
  33. Could the exacerbation of the asthma cause my blood sugars to rise?
  34. My doctor relies on tests every 3 months. Is this normal?
  35. Is there a relationship between long workouts and blood sugar levels?
  36. Which reading is to be considered the most significant or so called fasting glucose?
  37. Would I continue to have good blood sugar control if I were to loose an additional 20 pounds?
  38. Possible to reduce blood sugar from 132 to 95 through diet?
  39. Should I be concerned if blood sugar is over 140 2 hours after meals but drops within range at 3 hours?.( i.e. 180 2 hours/ 118 3 hours)? I'm on novolog and lantus.
  40. I would like to know what is the relation between the amount of grams of carbohydrate that we take and the blood glucose level?
  41. My bg level always jumps about 20 points after the exercise, even though I have not eaten anything for hours before that.
  42. Blood glucose reading of 161 two hours after breakfast.
  43. I can peak 2 1/2 hrs after a meal to 140, the highest and not often can be 170's or 180's. One and a half hours later I drop to 77,or 67
  44. His blood sugar is anywhere from 300-500. His doctor says that there is no need to be concerned with it because he is 84 years old.
  45. Could eating a little bit of honey cause elevated blood sugars?
  46. Does sleeping after a meal increase the blood glucose levels so drastically?
  47. My question is what is the normal reading before diet and after diet?
  48. Why do I usually run between 200 and 300 when I wake up when my sugars are good before I go to bed?
  49. Will a non diabetic's sugar level go past 140 at any time?
  50. Is there any known relationship between erratic blood sugars and effects due to external radiation?
  51. Should I be concerned about a glucose test of 145?
  52. What will help lower my husband's blood sugar?
  53. Can alcohol wipes affect blood glucose levels?
  54. Are there two ways to measure blood sugar levels?
  55. What blood sugar level is considered normal?
  56. Have you heard of high blood sugar readings caused by the antibiotics?
  57. Are you able to use a finger on an extremity that has weakness from a stroke to do a fingerstick?
  58. What are normal blood sugar levels?
  59. A teenager with out of control blood sugars...
  60. How do I convert blood sugar readings from metric measurements?
  61. What is a normal range for fasting blood sugar levels?
  62. What is a normal blood sugar reading?
  63. When I eat the sugar alcohol my blood sugar behaves as if I ate regular sugar.
  64. How much does 15 grams of carbohydrate raise blood sugar levels?
  65. What is the average blood sugar to go into a diabetic coma?
  66. Why should the timing of after meal testing begin from the START of a meal?
  67. Could alcohol abuse be contributing to erratic blood sugar levels?
  68. Is there a blood sugar monitor that keeps a history of past tests?
  69. Is it possible my normal blood sugar range needs to be higher than the recommended range?
  70. What is the hemoglobin a1c count for people who have borderline
  71. If your fasting blood sugar is 126 in the morning before you eat or drink anything does that mean you are a pre-diabietic?
  72. I have hypoglycemic reacations with few symptoms...
  73. My son had a blood sugar level of 126 and his urine was of 1+ for protein. Does this mean he has diabetes?
  74. Do menstrual cycles effect blood sugar?
  75. Why do I have a rapid drop in glucose levels after my nighttime Lantus dose?...
  76. What is considered a low blood sugar level?
  77. Can birth control pills cause high blood sugar?
  78. At what point is high blood sugar a medical emergency?
  79. What is the normal blood sugar level before meals and after meals?
  80. What device can take blood sugar readings without pricking the skin?
  81. How low is dangerously low blood sugar?
  82. Is it better to use too much insulin and compensate with candy or take too little insulin?
  83. What can stop high blood sugar in the mornings?
  84. If a child does not have diabetes can they have random high blood sugar checks?
  85. What is a normal blood sugar reading (post-prandial) right after a meal?
  86. How accurate are home A1C test kits?
  87. How long should I fast before a fasting glucose tolerance test?
  88. What is the normal blood sugar for a six year old child? Does it differ if the child has ADHD?
  89. Are spikes in my blood sugar caused by vitamins or the Atkins diet?
  90. Can high blood sugar be due to my thyroid problems?
  91. Is a reading of 124 after lunch too high?
  92. What should I do when my blood sugar gets dangerously low?
  93. My sister has no symptoms of diabetes but her blood sugar was 217. Does she have diabetes?
  94. Why am I being diagnosed as diabetic when my fasting number has not gone above 98?
  95. I have a meter to check my blood sugar but don't know when to use it.
  96. Why is my blood sugar rising between meals?
  97. Can illness cause high blood sugars in one who is healthy and does not have diabetes?
  98. Will increasing my exercise help lower my blood sugar?
  99. Why do I have a jump in blood sugar early in the morning?
  100. Do I have pre-diabetes if my fasting levels are only occasionally low?
  101. Can infections result in high blood sugar levels?
  102. Why is my blood sugar elevated in the mornings?
  103. What is the normal blood sugar range after pregnancy?
  104. My fasting glucose was 123. Do I need to lower it?
  105. Could low thyroid be causing the elevated blood sugars?
  106. Is my meter broken?
  107. I have hypoglycemia and am starting to get high blood sugars. Should I be concerned?
  108. Is my increased exercise causing elevated morning glucose levels?
  109. I am confused as to what a 6.5 test result means.
  110. What happens during a glucose test?
  111. Why is my sugar always high in the morning?
  112. Is it OK to have a reading of 200 post meal?
  113. How can I help my elderly mother who has low blood sugar?
  114. Will food alter a urine test?
  115. What do I eat in a low blood sugar emergency?
  116. Does giving blood effect your sugars?
  117. Should I be concerned if eating does not change my blood sugar levels?
  118. Why do I get a headache when my blood sugar drops below 300?
  119. What is causing large fluctuations in blood sugar levels?
  120. What blood sugar level is considered too low before you can go into a coma?
  121. What would you consider normal blood sugar levels?
  122. What is a normal blood sugar level?
  123. Why am I having problems with hypoglycemia unawareness?
  124. Why is my blood sugar different when I ate the exact same thing as yesterday?
  125. Is a blood glucose reading of 94 at the high end of the normal range?
  126. Is it true that the liver produces sugar?
  127. Should my fasting tests be done later in the day to get a more accurate reading?
  128. If my blood sugar is very high what do I do to make it come down?
  129. Can jet lag cause spikes in blood sugar?
  130. What is the normal blood sugar level for a teenage girl?
  131. I have cardiomyopathy. What is a good blood sugar range?

III. Food/Diet/Supplements

  1. Can you tell me how to figure the amount of carbs in a daily diet of 2000 calories?
  2. How many carbs are considered normal in a daily meal plan?
  3. Why can I eat a candy bar and my blood sugar level will not increase alot, but if I eat even a small amount of pasta, potato, or bread it will go sky high?
  4. Why should people with diabetes use sugar substitutes?
  5. Is one sugar substitute better than others for diabetics?
  6. Is there any natural treatment for type 2 diabetes? What can happen to a person on avandia for a long time?
  7. I am allergic to iodine and need a supplement without Iron.
  8. What are some examples of plant proteins?
  9. Can you provide me with information on the use of flaxseed and how it may help Type II diabetes.
  10. Is there a general rule of thumb when evaluating the grams of sugar in a particular product?
  11. Is it a guarantee that all diabetics will be on insulin sooner or later?
  12. Does fructose raise glucose levels or is it something different.
  13. What are the effects of caffeine or coffee on Type 2 diabetics. I am a heavy coffee drinker and at times feel that it is not helping my situation.
  14. Is the exchange list still used in the care of diabetes? What are the current suggestions/recommendations?
  15. Can you please give me some answers about the sweetener"Stevia". Is it okay to use if you have diabetes?
  16. I was wondering if I could eat anything with real sugar in it at all since my doctor told me to stay off sugar?
  17. He would like to know what snacks might be feasible to carry to a job site where his brief case may be the only storage available.
  18. I would like to know your stance on the very popular Dr. Bernsteins Diabetic Solution.
  19. l want to buy my mother chocolate, she is a diabetic and the question is can she have carob?
  20. I would like to know how would you consider products sweetened with Fructose, like chocolates, jams, and candies.
  21. Will glucosamine chondroitin endanger my kidneys?
  22. Please tell us what a daily carb intake should be for different diets.
  23. ...has been told by a nutritionist that she will never be able to eat Chinese Food, Mexican Food or pasta. Is this true?
  24. I've started using whey protein as a supplement after I workout. Will this have any effect on my insulin and diabetes
  25. Have commercial sweeteners such as Equal been found to cause serious health problems?
  26. Is natural sugar as bad as the other sugars? Is it ok to eat certain fruit?
  27. I read that carob powder can help control type II diabetes. Is this so and how?
  28. I am looking for a "low sugar" or "sugar free" sport drink...
  29. Are fish oil capsules OK to take if you are trying to cut down on animal fat?
  30. Is a protein diet safe for a person with diet controlled diabetes?
  31. I have heard that creatine may be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes caused by obesity...
  32. Can high levels of B and C vitamins increase blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes.
  33. My problem is all of the fitness magazines I have read believe in carb loading after... and many other things that seem to contradict a healthy diabetic lifestyle.
  34. ...I wanted to know if there was any natural vitamin or a specific food that would reduce his current/future sugar level...
  35. Is there any reason to eat red meat at all?
  36. Is drinking 2 glasses of wine a day harmful for a type 2 diabetic?
  37. Why is it important to control fat intake?
  38. How can I enjoy fruit and not have to use insulin to regulate my blood sugar?
  39. What to do when I get a sugar craving that lasts for a few hours?
  40. Why does fruit raise blood sugar but not sweets?
  41. Is a product called Liquid Health a cure for diabetes?
  42. Are wheat chappatis better than rice?
  43. Is it safe for me to continue to take my vitamins with the protein drink?
  44. What is the difference between sugar alcohol versus sugar replacements?
  45. Does using lecithin granules in your cooking help your body in controling diabetes?
  46. Is there a type of bread that is ideal for someone with diabetes?
  47. Are diet soft drinks appropriate for a diabetic 3 year old?
  48. Is natural sugar better for you than the other sugar?
  49. What is the best diet for type 2 diabetics who need to lose weight?
  50. Is the supplement creatine monohydrate safe for type 1 diabetes?
  51. Why do I get cramps whenever I go on a diabetic diet?
  52. Are glucosamine/chondroitin supplements harmful to people with a predisposition towards diabetes?
  53. How do you calculate the glycemic index of food?
  54. Is flax seed oil is good or harmful for diabetes?
  55. I started taking glucosamine chondroitan and my blood glucose levels jumped several points.
  56. What do you think about the Atkins and South Beach diets?
  57. Is it safe to use sugar alcohols during pregnancy?
  58. What is quinoa?
  59. What is the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and fat to eat?

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