Diabetes Research Spotlight

Chromium and Metformin

One of the innovative studies which Diabetes Action is currently funding is a pilot trial using a combination of chromium and metformin to treat type 2 diabetes. Metformin is the most commonly prescribed oral medication for type 2 diabetes in the world and chromium is a commonly used nutritional supplement that, in some previous trials, has improved glycemic control and/or lipid profile. Despite their frequent use in combination, the use of both chromium and metformin has NEVER been studied in a clinical trial. Dr. Bradley at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, the largest naturopathic health clinic in the country, will clinically investigate the possible synergistic effects of this combination therapy and see whether supplemental chromium can improve health outcomes in combination with traditional therapy.

cinnamon sticksCinnamon

Many people are now benefiting from the recent research conducted on the use of cinnamon to lower blood sugar levels.

At Diabetes Action, we are especially proud of being the only diabetes organization to help fund some the original cinnamon research conducted by Dr. Richard Anderson at the USDAHuman NutritionResearch Center.

Dr. Anderson was able to identify the specific component of cinnamon which not only lowers blood sugar, but was also found to reduce total cholesterol up to 26%, lower LDL (bad cholesterol) 10 to 24%, and lower triglycerides 23 to 30%.

The results of this research are important not only for people already diagnosed with diabetes, but also for the millions of people with pre-diabetes.

Cinnamon has the unique ability to make insulin work more efficiently in two ways: first, it inhibits the enzymes that cause insulin resistance; and second, it increases the body's sensitivity to insulin.

DeVoe and Anderson

President Pat DeVoe
and Dr. Anderson February, 2006

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