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What should I do on sick days? Like if I am unable to eat because I am feeling nauseated?


When your are sick and cannot eat, those foods that are generally thought of as "forbidden" become your meals: juice, ice cream, jello. Soft and/or simple carbs are more easily absorbed. Hypoglycemia and DKA are conditions that you are trying to avoid by not being "starved". What you need is 15 grams of carbs every hour; 1/2 cup of juice will qualify. Meal replacements require around 60 grams of carbs: 1/2 cup of ice cream may be around 25. Of course, if you can tolerate more nutritious foods, try putting your food in a blender. Much will depend on what appeals and what you can tolerate. If all else fails, you can take glucose tablets; one dose is 15 grams. Of course, drink lots of water or herb teas to avoid dehydration!

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