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I have just been told that my 42 years of "diabetes mellitus" may not be diabetes at all but some kind of new (at least to me) disease called "Insulin Resistance Disease" (?) I also have Celiac Sprue, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, false and repetitive Hepatitis C Positive readings and a slue of other somewhat related problems. These according to my doctor are all associated with something that is NOT Diabetes but behaves like it. For the 42 years I've had "diabetes" my BG's have been completely uncontrollable. Sometimes 1 unit of Humalog will reduce my BG's by 100 points, sometimes I continue to increase in BG level despite several units, with no apparent cause. What am I in for? What is this all about? What is Insulin Resistance Disease? I've been on insulin since I was 14 months old. What is Glucophage? How will it affect my insulin regime? I feel totally blown away. Where do I begin to look for answers?


Your story is so unique; I feel very compassionate for you. It is hard to imagine that you have been on insulin since 14 mos. old, and just now told you may be among those we are now calling "pre-diabetic". Do you see an endocrinologist? If not, I suggest that would be your next step. Have you had a C-Peptide test done--a measure of any existing insulin output by the pancreas? PCOS is often treated with glucphage, an oral diabetes medication. Does your hospital have diabetes education classes? You need to be able to sit down with someone and have your diabetes addressed from A to Z, much more so than can be covered in this answer. It appears you may need updating on many aspects of diabetes management.

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