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Lately my blood sugar has been dropping an awful lot. I went to a healthfest and it was 74 and I felt like I usually do. I get dizzy, irritated, and shaky. I can take a glucose pill, but I just feel like my blood sugar is never normal. I don't think I'm diabetic. I read a thing on hypoglycemia, and I have those symptoms. However, I don't match the criteria for those patients, I am a female and I am 20, I eat five times a day, and I am a pole vaulter. Please give me some advice.


You could be hypoglycemic! We don't know here WHAT you are eating, and how your food intake correlates with your activity. If you're eating a lot of simple carbohydrates, this could feed into your problems. Eating 5 times/day is good; but you may need more! Also, foods like legumes, and whole grains are good carb sources. You also need protein and fat. Fish, nut butters, avocados, and lowfat dairy (does not have to be cow dairy) are examples of foods that work well for low blood sugar prevention. Athletes need some fat to help sustain them through longer events, etc. Have you been to your healthcare provider? You can be tested. Their are other conditions that can mimic these symptoms. If you haven't had a complete checkup, I suggest you do. If you lose weight, your thyroid may be involved. Get checked!

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