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I have a nephew that is 15 and was diagnosed with Type I diabetes 3 years ago. He has not coped with this well and am afraid that he is stuck in the anger part of his grief.We attempted to find an intervention program for him to go to that deals with "anger management" but there does not seem to be one that will allow diabetics due to the instability of their health. We have tried conventional therapy but this is not helping matters and the therapist as well as Children's Hospital of Seattle and the local Juvenile Diabetes Foundation do not seem to have any answers or ideas either. Do you know if such a place exist? ANY information would be greatly appreciated. We can't be the only ones in this country that is dealing with this problem but there is no information on this matter.

How fortunate you are to be in former home town! Anger profiles in teenagers occur with or without chronic conditions, attributed to hormones, chemical imbalances, or a host of unknowns. There are complementary medicine therapies that can be quite compatible with insulin programs; the key is to get your teenager to comply. There are tests in the world of Functional Medicine that can easily assess a host of nutritional and chemical variables, suggesting appropriate nutritional supplementation. A support group recommendation may very well come from these sources. I suggest as a start you contact Bastyr University for references to Integrative physicians in your area. I know Dr. Wright is still in the South end and is extremely knowledgeable. Always state "diabetes" clearly, then describe symptoms from there. You may have to search a bit, but you have access to responsible practitioners. Supporting both a teenager and a teenager with diabetes is not the easiest task.

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