Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My fasting glucose is 153 and my doctor does not want me to take medication as he feels diet and exercise will produce the required effect. I tried to tell him that in my advanced stage of arthritis and spinal problems, I am incapable of exercise. Unfortunately, he does not quite understand this. My question is: If diet alone does not lower my blood sugar to a normal state, should I find another doctor willing to prescribe medication for me?

I applaud your physician for going to that "first line of defense" with you. Exercise can come in many forms. There are exercises for people in wheel chairs and having other incapacitating conditions. Have you explored these, including talking with a physical therapist? Begin with a nutritionist who can support you through the dietary changes. This may or may not achieve the desired effect: getting your fasting blood glucose under 126 and keeping it there. If you have very poor dietary habits now and make significant changes, this may make the desired shift in the short run. In the long haul, if you remain sedentary, you may see the rise again. Any activity you are able to do is only positive for your conditions.

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