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My maternal grandmother and mother's half brother both received insulin injections for diabetes but are now deceased. My mother's sister has just been put on insulin to help control her diabetes. Both my father and mother now have diabetes. They are supposed to be able to control it with their diet, however, they are not doing that. My mother was just put on insulin shots because of this lack of control. I feel like I my be predestined to have diabetes as well. What, if anything, can I do now (at 32) to help change my diet and control my lifestyle in order to stave off the possible onset of diabetes? My parents, nor any family members, with diabetes have been able to offer any helpful information on how to control it. Can you please help me be informed?

You are not "predestined," but you do have some genetics to pay attention to. To get assistance with your eating, you can start with our Archives section where you should find several tips. To get a more thorough analysis, see if your practitioner can refer you to a Nutritionist. If no one in your family who has been living with diabetes can give you any insights, they may well be in denial regarding this disease. There is much literature on diabetes management both online and in bookstores. Much of it is common sense and the "healthy lifestyle" promoted for all of us.

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