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I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia after I was taken to the hospital for passing out in Walmart , hitting my head hard enough to cause a seizure and splitting my forehead. The thing is I was told years ago that I have hypoglycemia and now they are telling me Reactive hypoglycemia. All I truly want to know is what is a true blood sugar reading? Mine varies between low 70's to mid 90's but then I have problems with it going down in to the 40's and 50's and then jumping up around 155? I am so confused and none of the doctor's have given me firm answers on any of this! It would be nice if I could understand and know what a true Reading is.

What you are describing goes beyond "reactive hypoglycemia." Have you ever been given a Glucose Tolerance test? This could be helpful. You didn't say if any of your numbers reflect fasting blood sugars. 126 is the cutoff for a fasting diagnosis of diabetes. People with chronic low blood sugars and diagnosed with Hypoglycemia can often develop diabetes if left unchecked. This involves an over production/under production of insulin. Are you controlling your intake of refined carbohydrates and eating smaller, more frequent meals? Dietary habits are key here. An endocrinologist may be of more help to you.


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