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I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia nine years ago. After I was diagnosed I had to limit my intake of sugar and eat every two hours or I would get light headed, dizzy and pretty much pass out on the floor. I am to the point now where if I consume any amount of sugar my energy level gets completely drained, I feel like I just ran a marathon and I get very sleepy very quick. Is it possible over time if you are our hypoglycemic to end up being a diabetic. At this point I can't consume any sugar or I start having a lot of problems.

Yes, it is possible for diagnosed hypoglycemia to develop into diabetes if left unmanaged. What is affecting you now are refined and simple carbohydrates. Remember: all food becomes sugar eventually (fuel). What you are needing to eat are those foods that metabolize more slowly, so that your body's insulin demands are less. Juices of any kind, white flour products, sweets, even fruits are the more obvious foods to limit. Continue your eating pattern of every few hours, but include legumes, nuts, veggies, and starches that are whole foods. Eat your fruit with a meal. Refer to our Archives section for more food suggestions.

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