Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


How come so many people die from diabetes although there are many known prevention and treatments for type II diabetes, such as exercise and proper nutrition?

What you're asking also applies to many chronic illness and "not feeling great" conditions in this country. It's so much about Lifestyle! With all the conveniences of our contemporary life, we pay the price. The workplace has become one of computers, which means sitting all day. Families need both parents to work to make ends meet. The inclination to give in to tiredness and busy schedules puts health management towards the bottom of the day planner. In an economic crunch, wellness programs are usually chopped first at the corporate level. Denial is a place where many of us can escape to for many adversities in our lives. It often isn't until the catastrophe occurs that we start to pay attention. This is not, as a whole, a nation geared towards prevention; we run on stress. When health insurance, the workplace, schools, advertising, etc., all make this shift, that is when I believe we will see the healthier population with reduced medications.

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