Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

Hi, I am starting to wonder if I have diabetes or something similar to it. I'm hungry 85% of the day, even after I eat meals and I urinate about every 45 mins -1 hour. I am not obese or anything, I'm a 16 year old girl who's 112 pounds and 5ft 2. I consume much more sugar than I should and I have done this since I was little. I have recently noticed that after I eat sugary foods or soda, my limbs feel extra relaxed, its really weird. Please write me back and tell me if I should go see a doctor.

I hope by now you have made an appointment. These are symptoms of diabetes, but could also be of other causes. The first screen would be a blood glucose test. If you are above 180, this would be pretty indicative of the disease. You may be re screened or immediately referred for a Glucose Intolerance test where your levels are viewed via blood draws at four 1/2 hour intervals. Any one or more of those levels may be in the range for diabetes. With the symptoms you describe, being constantly thirsty is usually the case. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, be patient with yourself, seek support, and know that it can be successfully managed if you are willing. We wish you the best.

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