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I was wondering if you could help, my 2 year old daughter drinks tons and tons i often smell ketones on her breath and i have noticed that on these days she drinks alot more.

She under went some testing in hospital once which tests proved abnormal results, they then went on to say that they would do some further investigations at a later stage so that they could fast her and test again as it might have been the amount she was drinking that was giving them false results.

molly (my daughter) then went on to get a bad bolt of gastric and was addmitted to hospital so they decided to do there tests then as she was unable to keep any thing down any way . At first they came back and said to me that she did have diabetes and then later i was told that i was given the wrong childs results and that molly was fine.

As molly is still drinking far to much and now that we are potty training we have mesured her urine out put at about 2 liters though out the day while she is awake., i have expressed my concerns still with her pediatrician who she sees quite alot as she was a prem baby; he got quite angry with me and told me she just likes her drink. Because of getting no where i have had a friend of mine test mollys blood glucose which recorded her at 9.5 two hours after a very small amout to eat and then again the next day mid afternoon which was down to 5.3 please could you tell me if i have reason to be concerned.

First, seek a second opinion without further delay; obviously, she is not "fine." Is she losing weight? There could be more than one issue here. Has her appetite increased? Also, these numbers you are quoting are not what a glucometer would read, so I'm not sure what test is being done. Once you have gotten a real diagnosis, it would be good to write us back so that we may share the information with others.

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