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My husband is going to be 54 years old this coming June, I would like to see him alive for his 55th birthday next year!!! He has diabetes 2 and takes medication for it. He has high blood pressure also. Just because he takes medication (which he now has to take it twice a day instead of once)he thinks that he can eat and drink anything he wants!! He is very much over weight, eats candy, cookies, ice cream and drinks alcohol every night! He has between 5-8 drinks a night, that is whiskey and sometimes a couple of beers after that or wine! If he keeps this up, what are his chances of dying or sliding into a coma?! He worries me and will not listen to me at all.

First, I suggest to speak with his physician and ask that the riot act be read. Oral medications and alcohol do not mix well. But then, your husband has to be willing to listen. Is he depressed? Is work going well? Is he fairly newly diagnosed and still in some form of denial? Has he always been a heavy drinker? Unfortunately, some people have to "get hit running the stoplight" before they wake up; in his case, it may be a severe hypoglycemic attack. Nagging won't work; you'll need 3rd party help. If he were open to counseling, that would be the best step.

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