Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I have a six year old daughter who has had excessive thisrt, frequent urination, and naseau for several months. I have a glucose meter and took a fasting blood sugar. This was her morning level.....nothing to eat since supper the night before. It was 120. Should I be concerned? Is this considered high for her age?

Yes; I do hope by now you have consulted with her pediatrician. She has symptoms, and an elevated glucose. I am assuming another family member has diabetes, which is why you were able to test her blood. If these symptoms are due to something else, that, too, should be determined. A good rule of thumb with children is not to let any condition go unchecked for very long. If your daughter is diagnosed with diabetes, you may all need good support to get started on the right foot, so that she is treated as a "normal" child who just has some other activities that she must incorporate into her life. And for all of you, be patient with yourselves.

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