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I would geatly appreciate if you could answer this question my father and I have. He has had diabetes now for about ten years has it very controlled with medication. Hardly ever gets out of control were it gets to high or too low. He has never had any serious problems come from it until recently. For about 6 months now he complains about this sharp pain on his right leg. He says it feels like he constantly has a charlie horse. Their has been times were he falls to the ground because it just goes numb on him. He went to one doctor and they told him it was a blocked artery and they gave him blood thinners. He went to the hospital because he could not live with the pain and they told him he did not have a blocked artery it was just problems with his veins because of his diabetes. We are unsure and he cannot afford to keep going to the doctors or hospitals because he has no insurance does not qualify for aid and cannot afford the high insurance rates for his age 62. Can you please tell me is there something common like this that happens to diabetics and there legs hurting them like this? If so what is it called and what woud be the solution?

No, this is not common. Often, low back pain/sciatica, impacted intestine/colons can create pressures that cause leg pains. Sometimes a spinal adjustment will give some relief. Acupuncture treatments have also been helpful. This is when we see nerve involvement. You might discuss this with his practitioner to see if this is thought to be a possibility. In the scheme of all things that might cause severe leg pain, I am not qualified to answer.

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