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Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. Recently I have had a sweet taste in my mouth and at times I feel very sleepy. I was checked for sugar in the ER one night but it came back normal. I also have a history of low blood sugar and have been on a diet that consists of boiled chicken, white bread, and mayonnaise for problems with acid reflux. Could any of this be diabetes?

A Glucose Tolerance test will give you some indication of a normal/abnormal blood sugar curve over a 2 hour period. You need to see your practitioner for this. White bread, and wheat in general, can make one sleepy after a meal, and is often maldigested. There are more healthful ways to treat acid reflux. Ginger tea and aloe vera juice are 2 sources that may help, as well as lots of water. A thorough lifestyle analysis would be helpful for you to establish a good baseline, then see what might be needed from there.

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