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I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 1/2 years ago. It came on very suddenly and very high. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy in February of this year, it ran it's course in 3 weeks; I was prescribed steroids during that time.Since then, my blood sugar has not been below 200. I currently take Actos 45 in the morning, and have worked up to 30cc of Lantus at night. I currently walk about 2-3 miles per day, and am increasing exercise, as well as being careful about what I eat. I also have a history of endometriosis. Is there any sort of a connection here? I asked my doctor if I am type 1 instead of type 2, he believes it is type 2, but I feel like something is very wrong, and am worried about the complications of this high blood sugar.

Steroids can elevate blood sugars; I'm assuming you are off of them entirely. One test you can ask for is a C-Peptide test, a measure of how much insulin the beta cells of your pancreas are still producing. This can be a measure of your Type. I suggest you may be a Type 1.5: still producing insulin but also requiring it. It sounds as though you are working on a healthy lifestyle, the first best step; this needs to include stress management. The impact of our total environment can be profound either positively or negatively. Just know that there are many people with diabetes that live a complication-free life. Finding the right medication balance while working on lifestyle changes takes some patience and dedication. If you are not comfortable with your physician's answers, seek another opinion.

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