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I'm 43 yrs old and 5yrs ago I was diagonsed with type 2 diabetes,I was going to a low pay clinic. And about 2 months ago I was pulled from the program,because of income.I can't get health insurance threw my husbands work it is expensive.So how often should I be checked by a doctor?And one other thing could someone be misdiagonsed with Diabetes when they really have thryroid problems?

Hopefully, you are able to continue monitoring your blood sugars at home. If in good control, the guidelines call for semi-annual A1Cs checks; otherwise, quarterly visits are "prescribed". If you have complications, quarterly visits would also be indicated. As for thyroid, it is not uncommon for one with diabetes to have a thyroid imbalance (generally "low" as opposed to "high"). However, it has not been my experience that one is diagnosed for the other. Different metabolic markers are involved. As we always advise, when doubtful, seek a second medical opinion.

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