Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My husband was diagnosed with diabetes 14 mos. ago. He is on several medications, is seen regularly (monthly) by the VA doctors and today he was placed on insulin shots daily. My concern is that he takes all the meds he's given, but does not exercise at all, does not eat balanced meals and drinks 12 to 18 bottles of lite beer each night. What will be the repercussions of this kind of life?

I would suspect by now your husband is wrestling with more than diabetes, particularly if this lifestyle and beer consumption has been his pattern for a long time. Medications and insulin will not correct disease causes, but work to help keep them under control. The more his liver is challenged, the harder it will be to get his blood sugars under control. It would appear he's had poor health for some time. It is HE that must want to change. A place to start is alcoholic support if he, in fact, views himself that way. You may want to get some support for yourself if he is unwilling and you find yourself in the role of the caregiver as his health worsens over time. Denial is an easier path for many of us; accepting help can be a real hurdle for many.

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