Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


What can cause high glucose levels other than diabetes? Are there any viruses that can cause high glucose levels?

What is quite common now is pre-diabetes, formerly referred to as "hyperinsulinemia" with categories within that depending on fasting levels. What we are finding is that this "pre" stage potentially doubles the number of people with diabetes, making it more of an epidemic disease. The less "healthy" the lifestyle, the greater chance to trigger this if you are disposed. Viruses can be triggers for diabetes, as can some medications. There is active genetic research to learn more about this pre-diabetes stage. Fasting blood sugars under 100 are a goal; closer to 80 in most cases is an even better goal. If you are experiencing elevated blood sugars, assess your lifestyle and any other clinical conditions you might have. Also know that if you do experience elevated blood sugars, you can get them under control and keep them there.

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