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Hi, I'm very confused, whether I am diabetic or not. My Fasting level is always in the range of 100-105, and the PP level is always in the range of135- 145, except for one time (never repeated) was 176 fasting and 267 PP. while my HbA1c is in the range of 7. I rarely have a random level of 180 (3 or 4 times) Can you pls. help me to identify my status and what to do?

You are most definitely in the pre-diabetic category, and without now paying close attention to your condition, you could become "diabetic." I would venture to say that an oral glucose tolerance test would show one or more of the values as high. Have you started some serious lifestyle changes? A nutritional consultation would be the first order; becoming as active as you can would be the next step. There are also nutritional medicinal remedies that are helpful for balancing blood sugars. Consideration must also be given to any other medical conditions you may have. Know that you have a Wake Up call, but you are not predetermined to disease.

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