Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


We have no history of diabetes on either side of our families yet last year our 13 year old son developed diabetes type 1. Now, 11 months later I, (36yr Female) too now have diabetes type 1. How rare is this?

I do not have statistics on your situation, but my personal experience has not seen many cases like yours. Certainly we know that with the appropriate genetics, environmental triggers do bring diabetes to the surface. Viruses can be another cause. As the research with genes becomes more definitive, medicine will be in a more precise position to define causes and hoped for cures. It is important for you to have support right now as you face the challenges of helping your son understand and accept the things that will help him to stay healthy while you are learning to manage yourself. Patience will be a key as you relearn eating and other lifestyle tools to stay in as close to normal range as you can. Medication requirements make take a while before you find the right combination. The positive to your situation is that their are many more tools available for better management, that you can lead a quality life.

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