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I am always hungry and tired. I have gotten my thyroids checked by my ob/gyn. I have blood work every year. Even after a good night rest I'm tired. I never feel full even after I eat. I can exercise and I'm so lazy afterward. I do feel a little better after the exercise, but tend to just want to rest afterward. I'm always moody also. What are some questions and things I can ask my doctor to look for?

There are so many things that could be addressed here; undetected states or not testing in optimal ranges. My experience with all types of conditions over the years has me asking many questions related to the GI tract, intestines in particular, menses, sleep patterns, etc. Many of us walk around in what can be referred to as a "sub clinical state": not ready for a diagnosis, but on the way. Thyroid issues also fall into this category. Work/home environment may have toxins you are sensitive to. The list can go on and on.

There are many nutritionally related supports in the realm of "functional foods" and others that can bring relief and begin to treat causes. Of course, the place I always start with is the basics: what improvements can we see by truly addressing your food/lifestyle and getting you well-hydrated. It has been my satisfaction to see many people improve without added medications. This is often achieved with a good initial consultation supported by well-spaced follow ups. We are not supposed to feel poorly, but we must learn how to live in our challenging environment.

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