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I have a two year old little girl. Recently, while at her fathers house, he checked her blood sugar shortly after eating a couple of peanut butter cups and her reading was 243. Faith(my daughter) - is a very high energy child. I really don't think that she is urinating more frequently - but she is potty training which makes it difficult to tell. She often wants a drink - but not in excess. The only Symptom I would say that she may have is - over the summer she cut her foot on a rock and it got infected. It did heal quickly with antibiotics, but the infection was quick to develop. No other symptoms. Is this reason for concern? I thought that juvenile diabetes onset was not until 7 yrs or older?

Diabetes can strike at any age. What we now call "Type 1" diabetes (insulin dependent) is the minority of the diabetes population; Type 2 is manifesting in younger ages as well. I consider the general rule of thumb when concerned about symptoms, is to go get them medically checked out. Home testing can be misleading, and particularly where a child is concerned, you would not want to wait until something perhaps more serious occurred. When relying on blood tests, a lab test is more accurate. If your child is experiencing blood sugar changes, addressing it now may help to alter its course. There is much research ongoing for the "cure"; early intervention at least will give you an edge for better control.

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