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I'm a 33 year old white mail who is not overweight (6'4", 190 lbs). My grandmother and grandfather on my father's side of the family were diabetic. Last week, I went to my general practitioner and told him that I was not feeling well. I told him that diabetes runs in my family and asked him to do a blood test looking for that or anything else that might be causing me fatigue. My A1C came back 7.9 but my glucose level at the time of the test was 81 (taken right after eating lunch). The doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes with no further testing. He told me to lower my carbs, exercise, and come back in three months.

By all the numbers you are reporting, you are not even pre-diabetic (>100). You may be exhibiting some insulin resistance; lifestyle management, the advice you were given, should certainly work for you. "Diabetes" is repeat fasting of 126 mg/dl or random of 200. An A1C of 7.9 would be suggestive of diabetes. If nothing changed in your habits pre/post the test, a repeat A1C would be in order. An oral glucose Tolerance Test is also a measure, showing glucose/insulin response over 2 hour period at 1/2 hour intervals. I'm assuming you'll be given a repeat.

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