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I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on 25th November 2003 and was immediately put on insulin. I was injecting for six weeks but having gradually increased the insulin I was taking from six units to 12 units twice a day, gradually decreased to two units. As I was still getting "hypos" I stopped taking it altogether. My glucose levels are slightly raised but the question I have is was the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes wrong or am I going through the honeymoon phase? and how long can that last?

It could be both answers. Was a C-Peptide test done? It may give you a better clue as to insulin production and output. You may also be a "1.5"; a person with type 2 diabetes that may eventually become insulin requiring. While you are in this "remission," tackle your lifestyle fully and see how you maintain more normal blood sugars. There are nutraceuticals which may also help if morning sugars are high. Giving your pancreas a rest right now is important. And stay active!

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