Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


I had my pancreas removed due to recurring premalignant growths in Dec. 2003 and since I now have type 2 diabetes I have been losing weight that I can ill afford. I eat very well but my system does not absorb the nutrients from my food. Any suggestions I will pass on to my doctor who has not found the cause so far.

Answering this question is a good follow to our question about the causes of pancreatitis; here we have a case of premalignant tumors as the cause for disease and removal. Enzymes are necessary for proper digestion and absorption. Are you taking digestive enzymes? If you experience flatulence fairly often, that would also be suggestive of taking a probiotic, the friendly bacterias of the gut. You would be well to have a nutritional consult for fine tuning, and suggestions for nutrient dense foods that require less work for absorption.

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