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The past several days I have been feeling what I describe as woozy. I break out in a sweat, have a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach, feel shaky etc. I have a family history of diabetes. Dad was insulin dependent and my mom takes pills. I borrowed my dad's monitor and have been testing myself, esp when I have the above symptoms. After having two slices of toast for breakfast I tested about 30 minutes later and it tested at 30. One and half hours after eating a chicken thigh, asparagus and rice for dinner it only tested at 90. What could be causing this?

You are describing symptoms of hypoglycemia, and if the meter is accurate, you definitely appear to have it. I trust by now you have made an appointment to get this checked out. You would most likely be given a Glucose Tolerance test: how you respond to a load of glucose over a 2-hour period. Smaller, more frequent meals with the right kind of protein, no refined carbs or simple sugars are the first changes to make for managing this.

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