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I was diagnosed with Type II about three years ago and was put on Avandia. I have good control on my glucose levels. The problem I have is that I can no longer lose weight. I went on a 1500 calorie diet for 2 months, went to the gym each morning to work with weights (under the guidance of a personal trainer) and walked on a hilly track for an hour every day. I lost about 6 pounds in the beginning and then my weight slowly began to creep up again while I was still following the plan. After the two months, I actually weighed a pound or two more than when I started. I have repeated this process three times now, keeping a strict food and exercise diary each time. It is the most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me outside of being diagnosed with diabetes in the first place. I do not feel I will ever get the type of control I want until I lose weight and I donot seem to be able to do that any longer. I am 5"3" and weigh 245 pounds.

Plateaus are not uncommon when on medications. I ran the Avandia Study for a time in a University medical facility; I saw weight gain in some individuals. This is often precipitated by fluid retention. Also, lean tissue weighs more than fat tissue; it is not uncommon to "go up" before coming down again. The key here is to stick to your healthy lifestyle and see how well your blood sugars, cholesterol, blood pressure and any other out-of-balance functions stay within healthy ranges.

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