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I am going on 38 yrs old in May, my doctors tells me I'm in the beginning stages of diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes and so does my cousin. My symptoms are: Unexplained, excessive weight gain (11 lbs in less than 2 weeks), Thirsty all the time, Urinating all the time (even throughout the night), Fatigue, Head aches, Leg and/or Feet cramps, Strong cravings for sweets from time to time (I'm not pregnant, not possible), I had 1 child (only had 2 total) that weighed almost 10 lbs. My question is, are these all signs of diabetes and is there a site that list them all or gives a realistic test?


You certainly suggest every indication of Diabetes. Have you by this time had the blood tests? That is the first place to start. My guess is that you have had elevated sugars for years, had Gestational Diabetes with both pregnancies, and should be thoroughly tested for any signs of early complications. In addition to two fasting blood sugars of 126 or greater, an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test would also be given to determine your responses to a post meal situation. I would also suggest you seek individual consultation for meal planning and lifestyle changes, to set you on a good path going forward. Diabetes is manageable, but it often takes outside support so that changes are not so overwhelming but are achievable.

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