Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My 9 year old son has recently been diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. Is it possible to be misdiagnosed? I think he is still producing quite a bit of insulin because his numbers go down to the 70s like clock work every evening after dinner as if his body is still producing insulin.

Yes, he could be in what we call the "honeymoon period", that last burst of insulin production before the beta cells basically quit. This could go on for 6 months. In other instances, the beta cells may still produce, but not at levels enough to stay in control without medication, usually insulin. This would mean that such a person could survive for a time without insulin, as opposed to a coma and death if going without for any length. Is you son on insulin? If so, it may mean an adjustment to avoid these lows. Diabetes takes time to learn to manage, especially in a growing child. Be sure to have support, and be patient.

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