Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


Diabetes runs in my husband's family and lately he urinates a lot and is constantly tired. Yesterday he tested at home 2.5 hours after eating and an hour after eating two small cookies and his level was 166. Last night right after dinner it was a little over 120. He fasted during the night other than water and this morning was normal 82 but right before lunch today after only having a cup of coffee and some pretzels this morning it was over 180. I am worried and wondering if this is somewhat normal since his fasting level was normal or if this can be pre-diabetes.

Certainly, these are signs that blood sugars are not normal. What I do suggest is an Oral Glucose Tolerance test, which will show his blood sugars over a two hour period. It may be that he does have pre-diabetes which can be controllable by getting a good handle on his lifestyle. Another good test would be the A1C, which shows a blood sugar average for three months. You may have to press a bit to get these done, but it would be worth it for you at this time.

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