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Ever since my son was 7 weeks old, (he is almost 18 weeks now) I have had CONSTANT hunger, sometimes with hypoglycemia. I had gestational diabetes, but I have been checking my levels with my Accucheck machine, both 2 hours post meals and before meals and ALL are normal, with my fasting being pre-diabetes (which it was prior to pregnancy). I also have hypothyroid disease, but my thyroid levels are coming out normal. I cannot seem to go more than 1 or 2 hours after eating without being hungry again. I have a constant dry mouth as well.

Are you breastfeeding? This would influence your blood sugar levels and your hunger. Also, your hormonal system needs to settle back into a "routine". Perhaps your thyroid levels are "low normal". You may also be in low nutrient status since delivery. The best advice without an actual consultation is to eat small, healthy meals, be well-hydrated, be as active as you can, and see if things don't settle for the better down the road. Have you had an A1C done? You would do well to be taking nutritional supplements. At least get a good quality multi vitamin and fish oil capsule. If you necessary, get some guidance to review your entire eating pattern.

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