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Am I at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes? I am thirty eight years old and my blood sugar was recently tested as 61. Is this too low of a reading? My mother died from complications of diabetes when she was only 72 yrs. old. I went from 260 pounds to 225. My goal weight is 130. Should I be concerned about my health?

Your justified concern has already started you on the path of body fat reduction. I'm assuming you have taken charge of your eating habits and are now exercising. 130 pounds may or may not be a realistic weight goal. Strive for all your lab values to be well within a normal range. 61 may or may not be a normal low blood sugar for you; did you feel symptoms? You can get tested for this. Being a "grazer" of legumes, veggies and lean meats, etc will help to maintain a good balance.

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