Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My doctor told me yesterday that I have diabetes. My doctor sarcastically said, ''well you know that you are overweight''. In other words, It shouldn't be such a big shock. The doctor is sending me to a dietician and wrote a prescription for a pill.

In June my glucose was 90. Now in October it was 130 and then 201. The doctor showed me something that was 7.1. What was that? Am I going to live? I have heard nothing but horror stories about this disease.

The 7.1 is your A1C, an average of your blood sugars for the past 3 months. My first suggestion is that you find a new primary care physician. An endocrinologist would be a good choice if you can get that referral. Work with the dietitian on a realistic eating plan for yourself, and be as active as you can. He has started you on metformin with a target to lower your fasting blood sugars. You are still within a very manageable range if you become dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This usually requires some self inconveniencing and guidance. Be patient but diligent with yourself, and this is one area of your health that doesn't have to debilitate you. Be well.

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