Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive


My husband was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes. His glucose levels were 221, and A1C was 8.4. The test had been performed about two hours after lunch and he had a large glass of juice prior to the appointment. The doctor sent us a letter with the test results and a prescription for Metformin. He would like to recheck my husband in a month. There was no information regarding diet changes other than to avoid concentrated sugars. Does this sound like the best avenue at this point or should we seek a second opinion and ask for more emphasis on diet?

I believe you should seek a second opinion that and get advice that emphasizes dietary changes/exercise. If your husband is truly motivated, some lifestyle changes may be all he needs. If he has had elevated A1C's for some time, he may need medication while still placing the emphasis on lifestyle changes. You might do well to seek the expertise of an endocrinologist and a nutritionist who, ideally, can suggest appropriate nutritional supplementation.

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