Ask the Diabetes Educator Archive

I have not been a diabetic very long and am still learning the tricks so to speak. My question is with a glucose testing of 154 which is extremely high for me, is there a quick way to get it down closer to normal. Also, is it normal when your glucose levels rise to get sleepy or is this just how my body is handling it?

There are several things you can do to get your blood sugars under control. The first thing always stressed is lifestyle: are you active? How are you managing your food intake? Are you well hydrated? A good target for a fasting blood glucose is generally under 100. This is doable over time for many newly diagnosed people with diabetes. Yes, elevated blood sugars can make you sleepy. Usually, this means you are on a roller coaster ride: highs followed by lows--very fatiguing. Also dehydration may have set in which is also fatiguing. It takes 6 molecules of water to move one molecule of sugar out of your system. The best advice: stay active, get assistance with an eating plan that steers you away from refined carbohydrates, and drink lots of water.

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