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I have borderline diabetes which I control with my diet. My dietitian said that a diabetic sugar should not go over 117 even if one drank 2 litters of cola. Is this true? Also my Dr. only ask me to check my sugar two times a week before meals. It is almost always OK then but I have checked it 1 to 2 hr. after meals and it is high, 140. What's the scoop.


I'm not sure when you were told your blood sugar should not go over 117, This is not a criteria number for diabetes, which can begin the diagnosis process at 126--fasting. For a person without cardiac or kidney complications, a fasting blood sugar under 100 would be more ideal; 80 is actually more a non-diabetic average. 140 1-2 hours after a meal is not an alarm for you; this is when a blood sugar is peaking due to the conversion of food into sugar. With blood sugars you are quoting, maintaining a lifestyle that includes balanced eating and lots of activity should keep you out of those diabetes numbers.

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