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Hello, maybe my question can be answered for not just my father, but other older people as well. My father is 93 and has had diabetes since he was 82. She has always used his fingers to find the blood to use for the tests. Now she is getting tired of using his fingers.
The newest machine that she has tried is "At Last", but that does not work for my father, because the machine only works on the arms, legs, but with my father being 93 his blood does not flow like it does in a person of 60.
Please let me know if you know of a machine or monitor that would work for my father.


There are penlets that prick the arm and legs; the blood can then be applied to your usual monitor, perhaps requiring less. There is a laser monitor that is more expensive. Other devices such as the Glucowatch are finding their way into the marketplace. I would suggest that you check with your health practitioner for some techniques or better areas for blood drawing, then use a meter that requires little blood. If your father's blood sugars are stable, perhaps he can be given a less intensive testing schedule.

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