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Why is urinanalysis useful and can you explain how Glucose, Protein, lactose and fructose effect the kidney and what disease they cause.


Yes, urinalysis is useful for measuring parameters of kidney function, protein metabolism being one of them.

Protein is not something we normally "spill" in the urine; it is absorbed during the digestive process and used by the body as needed.

Glucose in the urine used to be the way diabetes was tested for and is still an indicator if picked up in a screen. If so, blood testing for diabetes is then done to see what actual numbers are.

Lactose is milk sugar; someone who is lactose intolerant cannot digest dairy products well -- usually cow dairy. This is not debilitating so much as it is uncomfortable.

Fructose -- fruit sugar -- is metabolized more slowly than is glucose. High intakes of fructose have been implicated in lipid abnormalities. Fructosamine is a way to measure the blood sugar levels for the past 2 weeks or so, as opposed to the usual HbgA1C that measures average blood sugars for 3 months.

Each of these do not cause a disease, but are associated with conditions.

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