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I take 75 units of 75/25 in the a.m. and p.m. everyday. I have had good control until I had eye surgery 3 weeks ago. In the last 8 days my blood sugar has ranged from 230 to 366 in the a.m. and doesn't come down much during the day. I am on bed rest pretty much of the time. Would this make my blood sugars stay high?

Yes, surgery, a form of stress, can certainly elevate blood sugars. If you were in good control with premixed insulin prior to surgery, that may continue to work for you once you are healed. However, if you find yourself remaining high for much longer, consult your physician about changing insulin regimens. You may need bedtime insulin to address the high morning rises. Also, be very clear what blood sugar goals your physician has for you. Your A1C, done quarterly, will serve as a guide as to how well you are doing.

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