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Is it possible that I have developed Insulin Resistance? I have been told that I am indeed a "Brittle Diabetic", as the slightest infection, etc. causes my blood glucose to skyrocket, and even though I am practicing Flexible Insulin Therapy, there seems to be no way that I can get my blood glucose levels to reduce in such a situation. I lead a healthy lifestyle and carefully monitor my food intake (HBA is at an acceptable level), but I still have endless trouble trying to manage my glucose levels with the slightest increase in stress levels / infection(s), etc. I am on Actrapid 3 x daily, Insulatard 1 x daily. Any advice would be appreciated.

And how long have you lived with Diabetes? Is your A1c below 7%? What is your Practitioner's response to your questions? These are just some thoughts to consider in seeking assistance with better control. Insulin Pump Therapy has helped many gain better control, particularly when good lifestyle management and diligence to a comprehensive insulin therapy program is no longer sufficient. The newly released long acting insulin, Lantus, has provided better control in many cases. Research is underway in many areas of management; do you keep yourself informed? The difficult piece is stress management; what are you doing here? I would focus on this area. Exercise is a big help, but learning how to quiet our minds goes a long way for physiologically lowering those stress hormones. Easier said than done, but a most rewarding step.

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