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I have noninsulin-dependent type II diabetes and asthma. With the cold weather my asthma has increased and i've been using my inhalers on a constant basis instead of just when Ihave symptoms. (Atrovent, Flovent and albuterol). I've been using the albuterol sometimes three times a day. My fingersticks have been between 130 and 150 in the morning; normally they are under 90. Could the exacerbation of the asthma cause my blood sugars to rise?

Yes, any chronic condition and/or illness is perceived by the body as stress. We know what stress does to blood sugar! Some medications also can contribute. See if your practitioner suggests a dosage adjustment during this time. You may want to fine tune your lifestyle a bit more now if not already. Eliminating dairy products at this time may also help.

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