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My doctor does not have me test my blood sugar at home, I have type 2 diabetes and was only discovered about 8 months ago. He relies on tests every 3 months. Is this normal?

If your blood sugars are totally within normal range, this may be fine. However, I've never met a newly diagnosed person who didn't go through periods of adjustment. Meters can be bought at the drugstore. I would suggest you politely tell your physician you would like to check your levels for your own understanding. Meters are generally reimbursable by insurances. Hopefully, your strips will also be covered. Check your fasting levels daily until you see a consistent pattern, then 2 hours after a different meal daily for a week or so. Explore our Archives section for acceptable blood sugars and other management details that should be helpful to you Ask your physician what ranges he/she thinks you should be in.

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