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I was diagnosed 3 years ego with type 2, non insulin dependent diabetes. I control it exclusively with diet, no exercise, with average 3 years glucose reading of 115mg/dl corresp. to < 6 as A 1C ,per LifeScan profile meter and a related PC software. After careful note taking and analyses of the types, amounts of food vs. glucose levels I devised my own diet. This is rather significantly lowered carbos intake, including complex carbos and using lean meats, fish and also veggies with very limited fruits. Also, only specific type of low carbo German breads experimentally tested and very little pastas, noodles, cereals and the like refined flour products. To compensate for the limited fruit intake I'm taking multivitamins, Vit E, chromium picolinate, garlic tablets and "baby aspirin". All this with my physicians ( general MD.) approval.

The question I would like to ask is in relation of morning tests. Even without any food intake in the morning my glucose levels are going from avg. of 100 at 8 AM to 118 max. at 2 hours later and then decrease to 100 again at about noon time with repeated similar pattern daily. Now, which reading is to be considered the most significant or so called fasting glucose? I'm confused here.I would appreciate your input.

The fasting blood sugar is the one that becomes your baseline, an indication of how you are managing through your nighttime hormonal responses, etc. If you are elevated with no food input, then we know you are not in the best of control. Your numbers and lifestyle management sound fine. If you only go up 18 points 2 hours after eating (assuming you have had breakfast), then your insulin/glucose synergy is working. 100 before lunch is also "normal." Most people are elevated at fasting, and have more normal numbers daytime due to activity. Keep up the good work!

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