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Should I be concerned if blood sugar is over 140 2 hours after meals but drops within range at 3 hours?.( i.e. 180 2 hours/ 118 3 hours)? I'm on novolog and lantus.

One of the goals with this insulin combo would be to get you into as normal a range as possible; it appears you are moving in that direction. The first person to set these goals with you is your practitioner; what does he/she say? Your entire medical history is a determining factor. Practitioners who practice very tight control strive for <150 2 hours post meal. For folks on insulin, there is often the "fear" that this kind of control can lead to hypoglycemia. If you experience 180 several times a day, this may have a negative impact over the long haul. Regular monitoring of your A1C and other functions is your best tracking method as to how things are doing overall. As long as you truly follow the "healthy" lifestyle, you should remain in good control.

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