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I am a diabetic and control somewhat my diabetes with diet and medication (very low dosage of Metaform 500 mg.) when needed. However, today, I took my blood glucose reading after two hours (breakfast) and it read 161. I decided to take it again after another hour and it was 107. The doctor told me that my target level should be 140. Should I be concerned about this.

Does your physician want you not to exceed "140" for a fasting blood sugar, or as a target for never going over 2 hours after a meal? I'm almost assuming the latter, since "140" would be too high for fasting. Usually, the levels you are reporting can be "fixed" with with some food adjustments. Also, the medications you are on, if any, would be taken into consideration for reaching your target. Not to exceed "140" 2 hours post meal is considered "tight control", as this is "normal" blood sugar. Being as close to "normal" as possible is the best path to being complication free. Staying very active definitely helps with this.

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