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My father has diabetes. His blood sugar is anywhere from 300-500. His doctor says that there is no need to be concerned with it because he is 84 years old. He gave him the pills to try to control the sugar levels, but it still rises to 500 at times. Is this true that he shouldn't be worried about it and if he should do something, what would that be? He has been a wonderful father and I am quite concerned about this. I don't like the doctors answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It is not considered the norm to have blood sugars that high when you are any age. How low they should be would depend on other factors centered on your father's overall health. For instance, those with heart conditions and on medications for them may been given a higher target level so as to not invite hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Any time you are unsure or uncomfortable with current medical care, seek a second opinion. Physicians who specialize in endocrine-related conditions, which includes diabetes, are Endocrinologists. A nutrition consult would also be helpful if you are not sure about the impact of his total food intake on his blood sugars.

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