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I have not had a blood fasting test to determine my blood sugar. My last finger prick was 220 and my doctor said I was diabetic but I had a cup of tea w/honey and coffee w/honey an hour prior. Could the honey raise my sugar level?

Yes, honey will do that, but if one does NOT have diabetes, it will not become so elevated. We generally put 140mg/dl as the upper threshold for "normal" blood sugars. Fasting levels we like to generally see under 100; around 80 is the average "normal." A random single test of 220 would indicate diabetes. Taking a Glucose Tolerance Test will show your blood sugars excursions over the specified period, usually 2 hours with 4 readings. By now, you may have these results in and are embarking on the path to management. Seek as much support as you need here to begin this journey where achieving a good health state is possible.

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